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As you set out to explore these pages, you will discover a whole collection of individual pages, often bearing little connection to one another, sometimes far from being finished. All of them concerning themes which interest me or once interested me. Some written just to experiment with and learn the possibilities of the web, others to present certain themes.

And I still expect you to stay? Yes certainly!

There may be pages you don't understand, there may be pages which confuse you. I hope the others may entertain or amuse you, or at least help pass the time!

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fun and games
thought you'd come here first ;-)

Try playing my very own online minesweeper!

This game becomes increasingly frustrating the more time I spend 'improving' it! You'll find flags that move and ...

play minesweeper!

photo gallery
A small collection of photographs, mainly from my travels.

Photo gallery
mirror site here

my railway hobby
One of my hobbies is railways and tramways. On these pages you'll find plenty of information and photographs to that topic

my tram homepage
train photo gallery

classic macs
Are all old computers simlpy obsolete? Or can old computers be fun - or even useful? The classic Macintosh certainly can!

the Classic Mac.
and there is even a version for antique browsers here.

Being a member of the Swiss Tolkien Society, I can't really afford to run a website like this without some approproate content.

Read some of the articles I wrote for the Aglared.

I am also the webmaster of the internet pages of the Walking Tree Publishers.

I also have a little online tribute to Tintin.

in English
en Français

about my work
I work on a model-checking project to be integrated with CIPtool at the ETH Zürich. I will write more on this later. In the meantime, you can check these links:

TIK institute
Electrical Engineering
ETH Zürich
CIP Tool

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