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Operations and timetable information.

  (Freiburger Verkehrs AG logo)

Official home page of the Freiburger Verkehrs AG, operator of trams in Freiburg. (in German)

  (Regio Verkehrsverbund Freiburg logo)

Official information page of the Regio Verkehrsverbund Freiburg, PTE of the Freiburg area. (in German)


online timetable enquiries for Freiburg (and all public transport in Baden-Württemberg).

in German
in English



Friends of the Freiburg Tramway.

  (old Freiburg badge)

Website of the Freunde der Freiburger Straßenbahn e.V. (Friends of the Freiburg Tramway)



Home pages of individuals and enthusiast resources.


Information and pictures of trams in Freiburg brought to you by S. Kirner.


A collection of pictures of Freiburg trams on The European Railway Picture Gallery of The European Railway Server.


A Freiburg tram information page from Thomas Purkert's public transport pages.


My Freiburg tram homepage.


Models of Freiburg tramcars.


BEC-KITS produce an HO scale Verbandstyp motor car and a matching Verbandstyp trailer.

The Verbandstyp cars were used in many German cities. Freiburg had 14 motor units and 18 trailers. Some are still in use as works cars.


NAVEMO produce the following Freiburg cars:
HAWA 1901 (car of batch 1-27)


Halling produces a model of the GT4 articulated tram. 19 such cars were purchased by Freiburg in the 1960ies, with 10 more coming second hand from Stuttgart in the 1980ies. The ex-Stuttgart cars were never repainted into Freiburg colours, so the Stuttgart model produced by Halling won't be out of place in a Freiburg collection.


Other links of interest concerning Freiburg trams.


Interesting link collections.

 Blickpunkt Strassenbahn

Blickpunkt Strassenbahn.


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