Inaugural run of GT8 Nr 221 on 17th August 1990. This was the first low-floor tramcar to be delivered to Freiburg. After some speeches and official handing over of the car on the forecourt of Urachstr. depot, 221 ran to Landwasser and back with dignitaries. Here it is seen returning from Landwasser at Runzmattenweg, having just crossed the Berlinerallee flyover. The first car to run in public service was sister unit 222 which left the depot minutes after 221, but carrying members of the public. 222 proceeded to run in service on route 1. I travelled on this to Runzmattenweg where I took this picture of 221 returning. In the following months, a total of 11 cars of this type were delivered.

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Photo by Andrew Moglestue.

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