Stadtbahnbrücke, the impessive flyover carrying the tram lines over the main station and parallel roads is probably was opened in 1983 and has since become the gateway to Freiburg's West. Unusually for such modern constructions, the structure blends in well with the townscape and has many original and playful features. In this picture the transition from street running tramway to light metro is seen. The towers in the background are those of the Herz Jesu Kirche. The parish church of Stühlinger.

It is unusaul for GT8 's of this type to operate on route 1. On 7.5.2000, when this picture was taken. it was necessary due to permanent way work at the Brauerei Ganter, forcing trams to reverse at Bertoldsbrunnen, so excluding the use of unidirectional trams.

Here 249 storms the 6% ramp of the flyover.

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Photo by Andrew Moglestue.

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