15th December 2001. Zürich certainly has no shortage of complex junctions, yet no other is in such an almost woodland setting, and no other is so lavishly laid out as to allow trams to be photographed at different levels. The location is Milchbuck, a busy tram, trolleybus and bus interchange adjoining Irchel park.

To the left a Mirage set on route 7 emerges from the Schwamendingen tram subway, while the Tram 2000 set on the right is heading for the same subway. Due to the central platforms in the tunnel, trams have to run on the left, and the lines are crossed over at this junction, explaining the need for the outbound line to rise over the inbound line before the former can enter the tunnel. The Tram 2000 set in the background is waiting to leave the turning circle on a short working of route 9. The tracks used by routes 10 and 14 to Oerlikon continue to it's left.

The snow had fallen two days earlier and was to last well into the new year.

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Photo by A. Moglestue.

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