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Hardturm crisis: What will it mean for route 18?

filed on: 11.06.2004 (11th Jun 2004)

The chances of the new Hardturm stadium being realised in time for the Euro 2008 soccer cup are dwindling. The stadium (which will have an integrated shopping mall) is being co-financed by Credit Suisse. As part of their conditions, they demand a certain number of parking spaces for shoppers. This has led to opposition from locals and VCS who fear additional traffic in this already congestion plagued area. There are additional concerns about the height of the stadium and the shadow this will cast on neigbouring properties.

This situation has led to a mud-slinging showdown over the past months with mutual accusations of sabotage. VCS still refuse to withdraw their complaint and CS refuse to reconsider the plans. The situation has now reached the point where time is running out, and if work cannot start soon, the stadium will not be available for the championship. In order not to lose the match, the city are now considering renewing Letzigrund stadium instead.

Although the need for route 18 has not disappeared, its connection to the Hardturm stadium redevelopment gave it a certain urgency which is now fading. It remains to be seen how this will affect the schedule of this project, which in contrast to the stadium, doesn't face any significant opposition.

This news item is from the 2004 newslog.

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