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Cargotram vehicles

filed on: 04.05.2005 (4th May 2005)

The May edition of Schweizer Eisenbahn Revue (SER) reports on the new Cargotram trailer. This bogie vehicle is fitted with a crusher to be able to handle more refuse (it has frequently occured that Cargotram was unable to carry items because it was full). The crusher needs to be fed by a power cable from Xe4/4 1922. The new vehicle, numbered X4 1991, uses the bogies of Standard trailer B4 756 (see also 25.02.2005).

There have been various rumours, that the arrival of X4 1991 has led to one of the older X2 trailers (1984 or 1987) being withdrawn. A report on BahnCH confirms that this is not the case.

The following is a summary of vehicles used on Cargotram services:



Year built / modified



Xe4/4 1922

Cargotram locomotive and works car

1940 / 1981

Swiss Standard Tram Be4/4 1351, rebuilt as snow broom Xe4/4 1922 in 1981, in Cargotram service since 2003.


X2 1984

Cargotram boxcar

1898 / 1929 / 2003

Peckham truck from series Ce 2/2 57-83 rebuilt to open works trailer in 1929. Boxcar body fitted for Cargotram service in 2003. This car has spoked wheels.

X2 1987

Cargotram boxcar

1898 / 1929 / 2003

As X2 1984. This car has disc wheels.

X4 1991

Cargotram boxcar with crusher unit

1952 / 2005

Purpose built for Cargotram service in 2005. Bogies from B4 756 (built 1952).

For more information on Cargotram, see 13.12.2004 and this website's 2003 Cargotram article.

For more Cargotram pictures, see also this page on

This news item is from the 2005 newslog.

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