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Basel's public transport strategy

filed on: 29.09.2005 (29th Sep 2005)

The canton of Basel-Stadt has published a white paper on its public transport strategy for the coming years. The report includes a commitment towards the following goals:

Tram extensions:
— route 3 from Burgfelden Grenze to St. Louis Gare. This extension is 3.25km long (of which 2.40km in France) and will cost 24.5MCHF, opening in 2012.
— route 11 from St. Louis Grenze to St. Louis Gare. This extension is 2.35km long (of which 2.25km in France) and will cost 18.4MCHF, opening in 2014.
— route 8 from Kleinhüningen to Weil am Rhein Bhf. This extension is 2.80km long (of which 1.80km in Germany) and will cost 30MCHF, opening in 2013.
— route 8 from Neuweilerstr. to Allschwil. This extension is 1.3km long and will cost 22MCHF, opening in 2020.
— Also being planned are tram extensions to serve Erlenmatt and Dreispitzareal and a link from Zeughaus to Münchensteinbrücke.
— The rejected plans for a tram link from Claraplatz to Wettsteinplatz are to be reconsidered. Such a link would reduce pressure on the city centre network.
— It is intended to extent BVB route 2 to Leymental using the tracks of routes 10 and 17. BLT route extensions are planned from Pratteln Dorf to Pratteln Längi and from Birsfelden to Sternenfeld Quartier.
— The diversion of tram route 1 to serve St Johann Bhf. is to be inaugurated in 2008.
All costs are quoted in today's prices and without VAT.

It is announced the referendum on the retention this mode is delayed until Winter 2006/7. A study comapring different bus modes has been commissioned with results expected in early 2006.

source: Pro Trolleybus

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This news item is from the 2005 newslog.

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