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filed on: 06.08.2007 (6th Aug 2007)

When is a tram new? Citing Nahverkehrsforum Schweiz, this website reported in May that a new Cobra tram numbered 3006 had entered service to replace the tram of the same number that was scrapped in December. This news has since been confirmed by Tram magazine (see also below). However, in a NZZ article of 15th June 2007, this is vehemently denied by VBZ. The new 3006 it is claimed, is the old 3006 that has been repaired (Bahnforum Schweiz). Maybe it just boils down to a question of what constitutes a repair and of VBZ wishing to protect Bombardier's interests?

Restaurant tram: An article of the Tages Anzeiger newspaper of 2nd August, it is reported that patronage of the restaurant tram is disappointingly low. The article suggests that this is due to the high prices and lack of variation in the chosen route. A VBZ spokesman, however, suggest the weather is also to blame, citing the success of the Fondue tram. The route is difficult to vary because of logistics of supplying the tram.

Rolling stock changes: The highest Cobra number I have spotted so far is 3032 (on route 11). According to Nahverkehrsforum Schweiz, deliveries have reached 3035. Cobra trams are currently deployed on routes 4, 9 and 11. Displaced Tram 2000 units have recently been making increased appearances on route 7. Very few Mirage and trailer pairs remain on route 4. According to Bahnforum Schweiz, the following vehicles were in store inside Wollishofen depot on 14th July: Karpfen trailer 786, standard trailers (FFA) 791-2/4-8, Mirages 1692/6/705/22 as well as X4 1990 (flat wagon) and Märlitram Be2/2 1208 (the latter two units probably only temporarily). The highest Swisstrolley number I have seen so far is 159.

Mirage: Tram Magazine (issue 90/06-08.2007) reports that the following Mirage are out of service: 1703/6/9/26. The list of scrapped units remains unchanged at 1617/54/61/70/90-1/97/700/2/8. The following Mirage have been overhauled/repaired (SK) 1601 and (RA) 1659/81/5. SK inspections are also planned for 1602-5.

source: Nahverkehrsforum Schweiz, Bahnforum Schweiz, Tram Magazine

This news item is from the 2007 newslog.

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