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Basel: Cross-border tram plans in doubt

filed on: 08.01.2007 (8th Jan 2007)

Plans to extend tram lines from Basel across the border into neighbouring France and Germany are threatened. An independent study by a French organisation concerning the two extensions into Saint Louis (France) has suggested a price tag of 31 million Euros rather than the 17 million the Swiss planning claims. This is attributed to various details but more importantly reflects the higher costs of tram construction in France. Saint Louis's council is now in favour of dropping the extension of route 11 through the centre of Saint Louis and retaining only the more peripheral extension of route 3.

The third of the extensions, that to Weil am Rhein (Germany) is also plagued by financial questions. It appears that the bridge that must carry the tram across the railway lines at Weil is not sufficiantly strong and must be replaced, so boosting costs from 33 to 45 million Franks. It is hoped a decison can be taken this Summer.

The Swiss federation is supporting these projects by provising 50% of the costs (39.5 million Franks). However, the condition is that work must begin by or in 2008. If this support is lost, the projects could be set back by many years. Currently, public transport accounts for only 17% of journeys between Basel and its international neighbours as opposed to 37% for its national neighbours.

source: Tram Forum Basel

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