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Zoo tram extension latest

filed on: 16.02.2007 (16th Feb 2007)

VCS has succesfully collected 7000 signatures for its initiative to push ahead with the tram extension to Zoo. This is 1000 signatures more than required to enforce a referendum. The referendum demands the provision of 14 million Franks for the extension. The justification for the 570 metre extension has been strengthened following the recent expansion of the zoo, which led to annual visitor numbers rising from 875,000 to 1,7 million. The zoo director, Alex Rübel said he was not opposed to the tram extension in principle, but would prefer to see the aerial cable car from Stettbach realised. He is concerned the tram extension will lead to the loss of 80 to 150 car parking spaces.

source: Nahverkehrsforum Schweiz

Website comment: The two projects (tram extension and cable car) should not be seen as alternatives, as each fulfills a different role. The tram takes visitors from the town to the zoo, whereas the cable car can provide an attractive connection to S-Bahn trains (and car parking) at Stettbach and so provides significant time savings (as well as being an attraction in its own right) for visitors from Winterthur, Uster and other destinations. For visitors from most parts of the town however, it represents a huge detour. As the two projects are to be financed from wholly different sources, they need not be competitors in terms of funding either.

As I have argued before on this newslog, the car parking argument does not hold water. The explanation that families who have walked around in the zoo all day can be expected to walk a bit further to the tram stop may contain an element of truth. But why should the same then not apply to car drivers? Is this really how people are to be encouraged to use public transport?

This news item is from the 2007 newslog.

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