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Ringbahn Hardwald

filed on: 02.02.2009 (2nd Feb 2009)

Ringbahn Hardwald It has been a long time since this website reported on progress on Ringbahn Hardwald rapid transit project to the nort-east of Zürich. The accompanying map shows the status of planning as published by the Cantonal government last year. As far as I am aware, this alignment (circa 6.6km) is now safeguarded along most of its length. Putting it into the geographic perspective of Glattalbahn (map here), this line connects with the Glattalbahn's airport line at Fracht at its upper end. The final section at its lower end (as far as the second corner) is in fact identical to the Glattalbahn's approach into Stettbach and is thus already under construction. No agreement has yet been reached on the construction of the rest of the project. The canton favours a (shall we say stretched) timeline whereas the local authorities would like to see a more imminent realisation. In order not to compete unluly with this project, Dübendorf is formally dropping its alternative tram projects. These variants saw a tram being extended from Zürich (either from Bhf. Stettbach, or from Altried, one stop on route 9 before the last) and extending to Bahnhof Dübendorf (either by way of Überlandstrasse, like the Ringbahn project, or by the more southerly Zürcherstrasse). Ringbahn Hardwald, of course, fulfils the same ambition as this project and hence it is no longer necessary to expressly reserve the alignments.

This news item is from the 2009 newslog.

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