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News roundup (Oerlikon and Mirages)

filed on: 08.07.2009 (8th Jul 2009)

Cobra tram Nansenstrasse Oerlikon Plans are taking shape to redesign the area around Bahnhof Oerlikon. According to the city of Zürich, Oerlikon is now the 6th busiest station in Switzerland, handling 110,000 passengers a day (behind Zürich HB: 300,000, Bern: 145,000, Zürich Stadelhofen: 135,000, Winterthur: 122,000 and Basel: 120,000). The construction of the Durchmesserlinie (a new cross-city rail tunnel to be completed in 2015) will entail the addition of two further platforms here (taking the total to 8). The opportunity is being taken to implement various changes to the station's broader surroundings. As far as trams are concerned, the station forecourt will be redesigned to provide a double-track line throught. It is not clear whether this means the parallel line in Nansenstrasse will be removed or retained as an emergency turning loop. A new loop will however be built at Friesstrasse (by the junction of routes 10 and 14 at Bahnhof Oerlikon Ost). This will permit route 10 trams turning at Oerlikon to depart from the same location as those coming from the airport. Presently those turning in Oerlikon have done so in the Nansenstrasse loop and departed from the station forecourt. With the same route alternately departing from two different locations, some passengers have been confused over the best place to await the next departure. The stop of Bahnhof Oerlikon Ost will be reloacted to below the rail bridge there and escalator links will be provided directly to the platforms, so enhancing this interchange. The widening of one of the two bridges has already begun.

source: Mirage tram Bahnhofstrasse,

The number 98/05.-07.2009 edition of Tram magazine reports on plans to extend Oerlikon depot. The extension, to be built on part of the adjoining car park, will house seven Cobras and one Tram 2000, and cost 25 million Franks.

The magazine also reports that the status of Mirage trams is as follows: 26 units (in pairs) for route 2, 9 for route 8 and 16 (in pairs) for route 13. These are 1608/10/25-7/9/31/5/8/40/2/6-53/5-60/2-9/71-82/4-6/8/710/25. In store are 22 units: 1606/9/11/3/6/8/23-4/8/30/2-4/6-7/41/4-5/711/2/23-4.

This news item is from the 2009 newslog.

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