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filed on: 03.03.2010 (3rd Mar 2010)

Karpfen Vinnitsa The best report on the Vinnitsa tramway that I have read so far appears in the 2/2010 edition of Strassenbahn Magazin. Vinnitsa is of interest to fans of Zürich trams due to the second-hand Karpfen and Mirage-type trams in use there. The article takes a comprehensive look at the system's history, and also for the first time (for me anyway) presents a system map. The system has six tram routes. Karpfen are used on routes 4 and 5 and Mirage on routes 1, 4 and 5. Conductors travel on all vehicles, which sometimes limits the ability to run coupled sets. So far, double Mirage sets have not been operated as such long sets are not yet passed for service.

source: Strassenbahn Magazin (2/1010)

This news item is from the 2010 newslog.

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