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Waiting for Combino

filed on: 18.03.2010 (18th Mar 2010)

The local press have picked up positively on the approaching Combino trials. The NZZ has even warned that compared to the Tango which was demonstrated last year, the ride quality is inferior, but added that this is the price that must be payed for being 100% low floor and not really the Combino's fault. It is rare for newspapers to go into this level of technical detail and still get it right, so well done NZZ for not dumbing down! All articles speak of the order which is at stake being for 60 trams. This is most likely a misinterpreation, with 60 being the number of first batch Tram 2000 units to be replaced (2001-45 and 2301-15). With longer trams replacing coupled sets, but new lines also needing to be covered, the number of new units is likely to be a bit more than half that number.

This news item is from the 2010 newslog.

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