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Städteinitiative: Zürich sets the ambitious goal of reducing car's share of traffic by 10 percent

filed on: 20.09.2011 (20th Sep 2011)

The Städteinitiative is a privately launched referendum requiring the city of Zürich to reduce the modal shift of car usage in the city by 10 percentage points within 10 years. The referendum was unexpectedly accepted on 4th September by 52.4% of votes (31,493 in favour).

Among the measures suggested by the promotors of the initiative are creating more space for pedestrians and cyclist at the expense of car lanes, closing down certain roads at night, additional bus lanes for trolleybus routes 32 and 33, the extension of tram route 15 to Affoltern and trolleybus 34 to Hauptbahnhof, and also requiring that more new housing developments be designed to support car-free lifestyles.

Much scepticism has been voiced about the vote. The city needs the cooperation of the cantonal government for many transport developments, both in terms of planning and for financing – and the canton is generally less enthusaistic than the city about restricting car use, although it does actively support and advance public transport projects such as the development of tbe S-Bahn and tram extensions. In November last year an initiative to accelarate the construction of the Rosengarten tram line which would have massively restricted space for cars on a major road without providing an alternative route was rejected. Understandably, that initiative was also unpopular with the cantonal government. The promotors of the present initiative are confident that the cantonal government can be convinced of the necessity of the initiative's measures. The modal share of cars is presently at about 36%, and would have to drop to 26% if the initiative is to be satisfied.


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