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Can our night trains be saved?

filed on: 22.04.2015 (22nd Apr 2015)

City Night Line being shunted at Basel SBB The latest round of night train discontinuations has led to some international mumblings and complaints, even if this is still far from an organized movement of protest. For Switzerland, the pro-public-transport organization, Umverkehr, has presented a petition to SBB and demanded commital to the continuation of existing services and the reinstatement of the lost ones. So far SBB's reaction has been that the night trains are the responsibility of foreign railways and that it wasn't their responsibility. But let us not give up hope before everything has been tried. Maybe SBB will yet find a way of leaning on its partner railways.

source: Umverkehr: SBB nimmt Umfrage-Ergebnisse mit Interesse entgegen

Estrella Costa Blanca Meanwhile in Spain, another night train with much tradition has been discontinued. On 6th April the last Estrella Costa Brava ran between Madrid and Barcelona. This train was always well patronized, frequently being sold out - and this despite the train not being the subject of any publicitity drive. But RENFE announced that it was being discontinued nevertheless. The passengers can just as well take the high speed train, whose earliest arrival in Barcelona is similar to that of the Estrella. This may be attracxtive for those living nxt door to Madrid Chamartin station, but for those using this train as part of a longer trip, that is one more impediment to train travel. Despite the massive spending spree of past years, Spain's high speed trains are chalking up a huge operating deficit, apparently.

source: article on feenrenfe.blogspot

This news item is from the 2015 newslog.

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