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New tram oder: more on Siemens' appeal

filed on: 18.07.2016 (18th Jul 2016)

More information has become available on Siemens' appeal against the awarding of the order to Bombardier.

Siemens is claiming its offer was 3.56 million CHF per tram, about 20 percent less than Bombardier's 4.28 million. If the option of 70 additional trams is to be fully realized, this reflects an overall saving of 90 million.

VBZ is countering that these costs are offset by operating and lifecycle factors. The Siemens tram was to have been built in aluminium rather than steel, a factor that VBZ held against Siemens. However, Siemens claimed VBZ made no specification as to the material and that the lighter tram would additionally have caused less wear on the tracks (notes on weight comparisons here, data for Siemens offer unfortunately not available).

Siemens is furthermore claiming that Bombardier's offer was graded higher on factors such as safety and fire protection, although in fact both offers were equivalent with regard to these requirements.

VBZ however, is claiming that these factors have all been considered.

Finally, Siemens is accusing VBZ of colluding with Bombardier and having set up the tender in Bombardier's favour. Now the decison is with the courts.


This news item is from the 2016 newslog.

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