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Basel: End night for standard trams

filed on: 18.08.2016 (18th Aug 2016)

Swiss standard tram Bruderholz The Swiss Standard Tram, first introduced in the late 1930s was at one time ubuiquitous across Switzerland's tram systems. Basel was destined to become their last stronmghold, but with new Flexity trams entering service there, the type is entering its very last days of regular Swiss service.

Swiss standard tram Steinenberg According to a report by Martin Baumann on the Swissrail Yahoogroup (dated August 16th), there are now only six Be 4/4 Standard Trams remaining in service in Basel: 466, 469, 472, 473, 475, 476 and these will very likely be withdrawn by December.

Basel Tram Bahnhof SBB They are no longer permitted to lead and are normally seen at the rear of three car trams on route 3 behind a Be 4/4 from series 477-502 and a standard trailer with added low floor section.

Tram trailers Bahnhof SBB As of now, there are 14 non-low-floor trailers and 35 conversions running but these are being withdrawn gradually as the new Bombardier trams (5001-5044 43.26m and later 6001-6017 31.83m) are delivered. Latest delivery to Basel is 5024.

Be 4/6 tram Claraplatz Be 4/6 659-686 will be donated to Sofia (Bulgaria) when withdrawn. All of these are still in service as of now apart from a question mark of the future of 674 which was damaged in a collision with BLT 151 at Aeschenplatz on June 17th.

Be 4/4 tram Steinenberg Be 4/4 477 to 502 are also all in service at present.

This news item is from the 2016 newslog.

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