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The books of the Cormarë Series collect papers of non-fictional writing on Tolkien and his world.
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To date, 0 books have been published:

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Translating Tolkien: Text and Film

The Westron Turned into Modern English:
The Translator and Tolkien’s Web of Languages. Thomas Honegger (read abstract)

“The New One Wants to Assimilate the Alien.”
Different Interpretations of a Source Text as a Reason for Controversy: The ‘Old’ and the ‘New’ German Translation of The Lord of the Rings. Rainer Nagel (read abstract)

The Israeli Translation Controversy -
What About and Where To? Danny Orbach (with contributions by Yuval Kfir and Yuval Welis)(read abstract)

Estne Tolkien Latine Reddendus?
A Light-Hearted Look at Some of the Challenges.
Richard Sturch (read abstract)

Dutch Samizdat:
The Mensink – van Warmelo Translation of The Lord of the Rings . Mark T. Hooker (read abstract)

The Treatment of Proper Names in the German Edition(s) of The Lord of the Rings as an Example of Norms in Translation Practice. Rainer Nagel (read abstract)

Tolkien in Swedish Translation:
from Hompen to Ringarnas herre. Anders Stentström (read abstract)

Tolkien, Our Judge of Peter Jackson. Vincent Ferré (read abstract)

Humiliated Heroes:
Peter Jackson’s Interpretation of The Lord of the Rings. Anthony S. Burdge & Jessica Burke. (read abstract)

The Adaptation of The Lord of the Rings
A Critical Comment. Øystein Høgset (read abstract)

The Professor and the Director and Good vs. Evil in Middle-earth. James Dunning< (read abstract)

The Soundtrack Lyrics of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings
A Legitimate ‘Translation’ of Tolkien? Alexandra Velten (read abstract)

243 pages, Walking Tree Publishers 2004, Cormarë Series No. 6, ISBN: 3-9521424-9-2.

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Tolkien Through Russian Eyes. Mark Hooker

? pages, Walking Tree Publishers 2003, Cormarë Series No. 5, ISBN: 3-9521424-7-6.

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Tolkien in Translation

A Question of Style: On Translating The Silmarillion into Norwegian. Nils Ivar Agøy. (read abstract)

Begging your pardon, Con el perdón de usted: Some Socio-Linguistic Features in The Lord of the Rings in English and Spanish. Sandra Bayona. (read abstract)

Traduire Tolkien en français: On the Translation of J.R.R. Tolkien's Works into French and their Reception in France. Vincent Ferré, Daniel Lauzon, David Riggs. (read abstract)

Nine Russian Translations of The Lord of the Rings. Mark T. Hooker. (read abstract)

The Treatment of Names in Esperanto Translations of Tolkien's Works. Arden R. Smith. (read abstract)

A Theoretical Model for Tolkien Translation Criticism. Allan Turner. (read abstract)

152 pages, Walking Tree Publishers 2003, Cormarë Series No. 4, ISBN: 3-9521424-6-8.

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Four Christian Fantasists: A Study of the Fantastic Writings of George MacDonald, Charles Williams, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Richard Sturch

132 pages, Walking Tree Publishers 2001, Cormarë Series No. 3, ISBN: 3-9521424-2-3.

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Root and Branch - Approaches towards Understanding Tolkien

The Monster, the Critics, and the Public : Literary Criticism after the Poll. Thomas Honegger.

The Man in the Moon : Structural Depth in Tolkien. Thomas Honegger. (read abstract)

Tolkien and his Critics : A Critique. Patrick Curry. (read abstract)

Re-enchanting Nature : Some Magic Links between Margaret Atwood and J.R.R. Tolkien. Christina Ljungberg Stuecklin. (read abstract)

Love Song of the Dark Lord : Some Musings on the Reception of Tolkien in an Indian Context. Andreas Bigger. (read abstract)

179 pages,12 illustrations, Walking Tree Publishers 1999, Cormarë Series No. 2, ISBN: 3-9521424-1-7.

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News from the Shire and Beyond - Studies on Tolkien

Tolkien Studies : News from the Shire and Beyond Indeed. Peter Buchs and Thomas Honegger.

The Speech of the Individual and of the Community in The Lord of the Rings. Nils-Lennart Johanneson. (read abstract)

From Bag End to Lorien : the Creation of a Literary World.Thomas Honegger. (read abstract)

Middle Earth : The Collectible Card Game - Powerplay in the World of Tolkien. Patrick Näf. (read abstract)

Middle-earth : the Wizards - the Representation of Tolkien's World in Game. Peter Buchs. (read abstract)

?? pages, 2 illustrations and 6 maps, Walking Tree Publishers 1997, Cormarë Series No. 1, ISBN: 3-9521424-0-9.

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