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Aglared is the fanzine of the Swiss Tolkien Society (Eredain), and was published about annually until the Erdain were dissolved in 2006.

Amon Hen is a publication of the Tolkien Society and is published every second month.


An unexpected encounter
Another encounter with the people of another world.
published in Aglared 20 (2007).

Football Match
A well known story, but with a difference.
published in Aglared 17 (2002).

The Death of Sméagol (again)
A Gollum poem.
published in Amon Hen 176 (2002).

Orc Letters
The sensational discovery of the letters of an Orc captain in Mordor. Written at about the time of certain better known events ...
published in Aglared 16 (2001).

Elven Passing
Poem lamenting the passing of the Elves.
published in Amon Hen 165 (2000).

Ode to Cirdan
A poem dedicated to Cirdan.
published in Aglared 15 (2000).

Of Eru's Forgotten Children
Elves, Orcs, Dwarves and other vanished beings. Can we meet them still?
published in Aglared 14 (1999).

The Death of Sméagol
Who was Sméagol really, and who was Gollum?
published in Aglared 13 (1997).

Another Gollum poem (a short one this time).
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