The Death of Sméagol


To hide from a foe may some day save you,
To hide from a friend may oft estrange you.
To hide from the truth may one day chain you,
To hide from time is to let time claim you.

Hide so long that the living forget you,
Hide so deep that death cannot get you.
Hide from fate but fate will yet find you,
The evil you hide will fail to protect you.

You hid from the life you no longer could live,
You buried the bane that you never could bear.
All those long years unchanging had nothing to give,
'Til Baggins, the thief, your silence did tear.

Time had devoured away at your eggshell,
Teeth knawing home without ever clinking.
It's cold voiceless wind wished Gollum no well,
Hopeless and dark your old life was shrinking.

Away from your cave to do desperate deeds,
The Baggins, the cursed, you set out to find.
From his bloodthirsty clutch the ring you did seize,
But ere you could wield it, fate took you aside.


See also: Gollum

This poem was published in Amon Hen 176 (July 2002)

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