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Freedom to take photographs in danger?

filed on: 02.07.2015 (2nd Jul 2015)

The following text is from the SwissRail Yahoogroup.

I take this text from another Yahoo group thinking that many of us have an eminent interest in photography. Even if it's "only in the EU", such a move would have many impacts on Switzerland!

I hope you don't consider this too off topic but it has serious potential impact for anyone who takes photographs and posts them on line as I imagine many people in this group do, however a contact of mine drew this petition to my attention earlier today.

Apparently there could be a threat to those who wish to take photographs of well-known landmarks or include them in views of other subjects. Before you think it has something to do with heightened security it hasn't ot is all to do with copyright.

There is an online petition to try and stop this European Parliament bill which could become law in days.

The problem has come about as a result of a well-meaning attempt by German MEP Julia Reda to remove restrictions in some European Union countries such as France. Unfortunately things have backfired and and amendment has been proposed which could cause restrictions to be imposed in the majority of EU countries such as the UK and Germany where there is complete freedom to photograph and publish online/

The petition and full explanation of the reasons behind it can be accessed at:

< -freedom-of-photography-savefop-europarl-en>

If you google "Freedom of Panorama" you will find many recent news reports on the threat.

I am not a great fan on on-line petitions or petitions in general but I imagine the majority of people on this group would support it.


This news item is from the 2015 newslog.

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