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Newslog 2017

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2017 news:

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13.09.2017 - First tram on Hardbrücke

VBZ have announced on their facebook page that test running of the new tram link on Hardbrücke commenced on Monday night (11th September).

Tram Hadbruecke first run

I caught a bus on Hardbrücke yesterday, before reading this news, and suspected something might be happening, seeing the fresh shimmer on the rails.

28.08.2017 - Limmattalbahn work begins, and trolleybus cut back

Today marks the official comemncemnt of work on Limmattalbahn. At the same time it is also the end of trolleybus route 31 on its Farbhof to Schlieren section. This will be replaced by the new tram. In the interim this section will be worked by a dieel bus shuttle, route 31E.


26.08.2017 - Trolleybus update

As from the timetable switch of this December, trolleybus route 34 will be joined up with route 31, finally fulfilling the ambitions of Witikon to gain a direct connection to central Zürich. The three new trolleybuses ordered are intended for this purpose. However, as they won't be available in time, it is to be expected that single articulated trolelybuses wil make more frequent appearances on routes 31 and 32.

All the SwissTrolley3 buses originally delivered with a diesel as emergency power source have now been refitted with batteries. Of the double articulated units, seven are still equipped with diesel.


22.08.2017 - No BLT trams for VBZ

BLT trams Various speculations have been doing the rounds recently that surplus BLT Be4/6 and Be 4/8 trams might be finding their way to Zürich. The reason is that Zürich's new tram order has been delayed so far that VBZ could be facing a rolling stock shortage. Apparently the Tram 2000 fleet are in serious need of major overhauls if they are to be kept running until the new trams arrive, and VBZ has been looking into alternatives. However, the BLT trams would also be in need of overhauls and platforms would have to be modified to permit their use. There those won't be any BLT trams in Zürich for the time being.

Tram, Bahnhofplatz

08.08.2017 - Hardbrücke, a bit of history

With the completion of the tram link across Hardbrücke approaching, VBZ's website features an article on the history of the link from farm tram track to trolleybus route to urban motorway to tram. Below are some interesting views from the article.

Tram Hardbruecke 1889 map
This 1889 map shows the industrial railway siding that is still in use today serving Swissmill. It appears that this in part predates the road.

Trolleybus Hardbruecke 1950
This 1950 view shows a trolleybus on an idyllic Hardstrasse. Today much less sky is visible from this location as this would be the lower level with the Hardbrücke passing overhead. The view shows track work in progress on the previously mentioned railway siding. The tram tracks cross the siding close to this location. The building with the turret behind the trolleybus still stands. The Big Ben Westside Pub is on the ground floor. Today trolleybuses run on the upper level of the bridge.

28.07.2017 - Battery trolleybus reliability questioned

Following the failure of the experimental battery trolleybus 183 at Bucheggplatz, which took two hours to clear, the press has been questioning the overal reliability of the experimental vehicle.


19.05.2017 - Three double-artic trolleybuses ordered

VBZ has ordered three additiona double articulated trolleybuses from Hess. These are part of the option that was part of the 2011 order. These trolleybuses will have similar non-overhead line operational parameters to the single-articulated prototype 183.

It is interesting to see this spoken of as "Notantrieb" (emergency power) and no longer as alternative to overhead lines.


12.05.2017 - Winterthur trolleybus expansion

A landbote report on the WV reports that an extension of route 1 is planned and that double articulated trolleybuses are to be ordered.


02.04.2017 - Bern Ostermundigen tram progress

The cantonal parliament of Bern has released 102 million CHF for the Ostermundigen tram extension. Construction of the 264 million CHF project should begin in 2022.


13.03.2017 - Stadler withdraws objection to new tram order

Follwing Siemens' withdrawal from the appeal against the awarding of the tram order to Bombardier on 2nd March, Stadler has announced that it is following suite.


02.03.2017 - New tram order signed

The order for 70 new trams from Bombardier has finally been signed.


21.02.2017 - New tram order to go ahead

The administrational court of Zürich has ruled that the objections voiced by Stadler and Siemens against the awarding of VBZ's new tram order to Bombardier should not postpone the realisation of the order.


17.01.2017 - Swisstrolleyplus


VBZ has published pictures of the new Swisstrolleyplus on their facebook page. There is also an article on the new trolleybus on their website here.

Swisstrolleyplus is a trolleybus with an improved energy management system developed by ETH. The bus has an increased range of operation away from the wires. The improvements are not jsut in terms of battery capacity, but also smarter algorithms to choise the best point to feed energy back into the grid.

The project has its own website

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