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Newslog 2020

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16.01.2020 - Swisstrolley Plus

swisstrolley plus 183 milchbuck Seen yesterday at Bucheggplatz, Swisstrolleyplus 183 now in standard Zürich livery rather than the livery it carried as an experimental bus (as in the photo). It was stated that the research project would end in late 2019, so this would indicate that 183 is now just a regular part of the fleet. I will look out for and report on any publication of the findings.

16.01.2020 - Mandarinli for Madagascar?

It is being reported that a project is underway to ship some of the RBS Mandarinli trains to Madagascar. I hope this is not an echo of the failed attempt to start a service with ex-Forchbahn units there in 2005. Watch this space for news.

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