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Restore WSB Saloon car

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Geissbock tram back in Zürich

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Limmattalbahn opening

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New funicular at Zürich airport

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SZU on rare track

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Restaurant tram's return

filed on: 31.10.2006 (31st Oct 2006)

VBZ has presented it's refitted restaurant tram. The recent overhaul was taken as an opportunity to re-style its interior and improve passenger comfort (for example by fitting larger tables), while at the same time taking care to preserve the vehicle's nostalgic charm. The restaurant tram will enter service as Fondue tram tomorrow (1st November).

source: VBZ

Be6/6 1802 entered service in 1960 as a prototype articulated tram (then numbered 1601). It has been in use as a restaurant since 1993.

This news item is from the 2006 newslog.

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