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22.09.2020 :
Temporary change of web domain

08.09.2020 :
Ceneri Base Tunnel opens

08.09.2020 :
Liechtenstein S-Bahn rejected

08.09.2020 :
Flexity not yet in service

08.09.2020 :
Zürich's first Flexity

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19.11.2019 Stadler Limmattalbahn tram order signed

13.11.2019 Flexity touches down in Zürich

21.08.2019 Limmattalbahn opening, and second phase launched

17.07.2019 Limmattalbahn and Farbhof update

17.06.2019 Limmattalbahn opening

21.09.2018 Limmattalbahn vote this weekend

11.04.2016 1802's last trip

15.01.2016 Limmattalbahn and trolleybus

22.04.2015 GTZ Trolleybus update

26.01.2015 2014 news

20.12.2014 Trams in Altstetten: Present alignment to be retained

03.11.2014 New access to Altsetten workshops

03.11.2014 People power pushes politicians to re-think

20.05.2014 Durchmesserlinie to open in June

19.05.2014 Zürich trolleybus update

02.04.2014 Dining car used as restaurant in Oerlikon

18.03.2014 Witikon to get direct trolleybus link from central Zürich

21.01.2014 Canton supports tram re-routing in Altstetten

10.01.2014 City council wants to keep tram route 2 on present alignment

13.12.2013 Altstetten tram plans to get a re-think

22.11.2013 Trolleybus tested on route 80

04.10.2013 Rosengarten tram

25.09.2013 Limmattalbahn approval moves to federal level

26.07.2013 All change at Altstetten

12.06.2013 Limmattalbahn into central Zürich?

04.06.2013 Two additional Lightrams ordered

12.03.2013 Future of Zürich's trolleybus fleet

07.01.2013 Is burnt Cobra beyond repair?

04.01.2013 Burnt out tram moved to ZW Altstetten

31.08.2012 Limmattalbahn: Concession applied for

06.06.2012 Passenger trains on industrial tracks?

02.02.2012 Limmattalbahn progress

10.10.2011 Limmatalbahn to connect to Zürich tram

19.07.2011 Tram Zürich West: Testing begins

17.05.2011 Tram Zürich West update

14.02.2011 Mirages to leave Zürich

01.02.2011 Limmattalbahn update

26.01.2011 New tram route announced: route 17

02.07.2010 Mirage numbers

08.04.2010 Official: Limmattalbahn is now a company

22.03.2010 Named trams

03.03.2010 Limmattalbahn

26.01.2010 Tram Hardbrücke

14.01.2010 Mirage as exhibition tram

08.01.2010 2009 news

19.11.2009 Limmattalbahn to extend to Baden?

13.10.2009 News roundup

30.09.2009 Limmattalbahn: Cash for planning released

23.06.2009 Progress on Tram Zürich West

11.06.2009 First rails for Tram Zürich West

25.05.2009 News roundup, new tram lines

12.03.2009 Tango in Zürich

03.10.2008 First Glattal Cobra arrives

30.09.2008 Stock disposals

17.09.2008 News update

15.08.2008 Website update — Photos

14.08.2008 Last chance to eat Gipfeli on Gipfeliexpress

31.07.2008 Rolling stock update

15.02.2008 Stadtbahn Limmattal

23.01.2008 News roundup

27.06.2007 Another referendum on Tram Zürich West

28.02.2007 90 million Franks for Tram Zürich West

22.02.2007 Rolling stock roundup

09.02.2007 Karpfen trams leave Zürich

07.12.2006 News roundup

23.11.2006 Investing in Zürich West

19.07.2006 Tram expansion strategy unveiled

20.01.2006 Tram Zürich West in 2010

28.07.2005 Progress on Tram Zürich West

21.06.2005 Cargotram: Werdhölzli siding

06.04.2005 Future depot and tram route changes

13.01.2005 First tram reaches Zürich West!

11.11.2004 Tram route 18's concession granted

30.09.2004 Miscellaneous news

07.09.2004 : Forchbahn 62 returns (*)

08.06.2004 Tram Züri West: Route 18 is coming!

02.04.2004 Swansong of the Standard Tram?

26.11.2003 Route 18 schedule slipping?

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