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22.09.2020 :
Temporary change of web domain

08.09.2020 :
Ceneri Base Tunnel opens

08.09.2020 :
Liechtenstein S-Bahn rejected

08.09.2020 :
Flexity not yet in service

08.09.2020 :
Zürich's first Flexity

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09.03.2020 RBS mandarinli leaves for Madagascar

12.12.2019 Bernmobil signs contract for Stadler Tramlink

28.09.2018 New trolleybuses in Bern and Biel

07.12.2017 Tram Hardbrücke opening this weekend, and network changes

02.04.2017 Bern Ostermundigen tram progress

13.09.2016 HESS trolleybus update

08.09.2016 Electric bus future

08.09.2016 Bern and Biel order Hess trolleybuses

17.06.2016 Landrovers and rails

14.04.2016 Bern and Biel to order new trolleybuses

08.04.2016 Bern: Ostermundigen says yes to tram

29.02.2016 SZU: Be 8/8 go for scrap

14.01.2016 Bern: Trolleybus reaches Holligen

11.06.2015 BDWM: Wescht Fäscht update

26.11.2014 Ex Swiss trolleybuses in Brasov

11.11.2014 Elefant Tram from Atlas

05.11.2014 Swiss Standard Tram from Atlas

07.10.2014 Winterthur: Heritage trolleybus returns

01.10.2014 Thumbs down for Tram Region Bern

11.09.2014 Bring back a Geneva trolleybus from Valparaíso

29.08.2014 Bernmobil seeks 40 new trams

14.08.2014 Trolleybus news

11.02.2014 Model trams: Navemo to produce Swiss Standard Tram

17.12.2013 Zürich's post office railway

13.08.2013 Bern trolleybuses to run on batteries in town centre

17.05.2013 Bern steam tram model

11.12.2012 Bern: Wankdorf tram opens

21.11.2012 Swiss Standards in Tramway Review, part four

28.08.2012 Swiss Standards in Tramway Review, part three

23.03.2012 Bernina Railway on Google Street View

02.02.2012 Bern: Compressed air tram project stopped

25.11.2011 Geneva: Bernex extension and simplification of tram routes

01.04.2011 Trams on April Fool's day

18.02.2011 Tram Bern West in T&UT

08.02.2011 Tram Bern West opening in photos

20.01.2011 Bern: RBS trams too noisy

20.01.2011 Bern: Regional Tram

07.12.2010 Partytime as new tram mileage opens this weekend

31.05.2010 Flexity demonstrator

11.05.2010 Bern: back to three trolleybus routes

06.05.2010 Combino trial positive

19.03.2010 Combino debut

08.03.2010 Combino to debut on 19th

04.03.2010 Combino arriving

02.03.2010 Combino to be demonstrated in Zürich

02.03.2010 More Bern news

20.01.2010 More tramcasting

15.01.2010 News roundup

08.01.2010 Biel tram update

20.11.2009 Bern: new Combinos arriving

23.07.2009 RBS sets meter-gauge speed record

08.07.2009 News roundup (Oerlikon and Mirages)

27.04.2009 Bern: First extended Combino

24.04.2009 News roundup

19.03.2009 Trams for Biel

15.10.2008 News roundup

13.06.2008 Bern: Changes on track

07.11.2007 Bern orders Combinos

21.09.2007 Bern: Tram Museum and other news

11.09.2007 Bern wants longer Combinos

10.09.2007 Trolleybus news update

21.06.2007 New trams for Bern

17.06.2007 Mixed results

16.06.2007 Decision time

21.05.2007 Tram Zürich West — the campaign hottens

07.05.2007 Trolleybus news update

27.04.2007 News roundup

01.03.2007 Bern: Combino refurbishment complete

15.02.2007 APS saves Standard Tram 1408

29.11.2006 Bern says yes to tram extension

09.11.2006 A cunning fox in Bern

27.09.2006 Major projects clear another hurdle

26.09.2006 News roundup (slightly belated)

25.09.2006 Bern trolleybus: FBW era ends

20.09.2006 Bern's tram museum opens this Sunday!

18.08.2006 Tram Bern West on the right track

21.06.2006 Progress towards Tram Bern West

14.06.2006 News roundup

10.04.2006 News roundup, slightly off-topic

05.04.2006 Basel and Bern: Combino repairs delayed

19.01.2006 Zürich tram events diary 2006

12.01.2006 News and press roundup

11.01.2006 RBS Tram 2000 to get Sänftes?

24.11.2005 Basel: Adios Combino (for a while)

08.11.2005 Zürich leads in public transport usage

06.10.2005 Forchbahn in Madagascar – and other news

15.02.2005 News roundup

07.09.2004 : Corrections to Basel news (*)

01.09.2004 Operation of Bern trams in Basel has ended

19.08.2004 Basel fire update

30.06.2004 Combino update

17.05.2004 Storm clouds over Tram Bern West

07.05.2004 Update on Bern trams in Basel

06.05.2004 Bern to help Basel?

02.04.2004 Swansong of the Standard Tram?

15.01.2004 : Link to Stadtbahn Glattal takes step forwards (*)

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