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News roundup

filed on: 05.11.2008 (5th Nov 2008)

Ticket machines: ZVV has presented the first of its new ticket machines. These have a touch-screen interface and will gradually replace the push-button machines of the early 1990s. Besides selling tickets, these provide timetable information, and appear to be of similar design to those used by SBB.

Zoo tram terminus Zoo tram: VCS's referendum on the tram extension to the Zoo entrance will be held on 30th November. With both the official recommendation and the zoo director, Alex Rübel, being against the project, this looks set to be an uphill struggle. Rübel claims the tram would eliminate 200 parking spaces, forcing zoo visitors to walk further and inflicting additional parking and traffic on the surrounding residential streets. The extension of 570m has been costed at 27.2 million, a very high price indeed, which further damages the case for the tram. In an article in the Tages Anzeiger newspaper of 3rd November, a VBZ expert admits that a cheaper variant would be possible that would also affect fewer parking lots. This would partially use enlaced track. The probable reason for Rübel's hostility, however, is the aerial cable car project he wants to see realised between the zoo and Stettbach. Although the two projects are not necessarily mutually exclusive, they can easily be perceived to be and the realisation of one might set the other back by decades.

Tram route 6 at Zuerichbergstrasse The cable car would cost 17 millions and be privately financed. This would possibly imply ticket prices of 10 franks which would be acceptable considering the cable car an attraction it its own right, but not necessarily make it universally attractive, especially not for families and groups. Furthermore, there is opposition to this project in the Stettbach area on account of additional traffic and car parking it would attract. On, it is also pointed out that it's terminus would require the same area as the tram line at zoo and so probably eliminate the same number of parking lots. Let us wait and see how this drama develops.

Mirage on bahnhofbruecke Tram rolling stock: Reports in indicate that the Mirage era on route 7 has now ended, with the service being entirely in the hands of Tram 2000 sets. The newest Cobra, the VBG-liveried 3063 has joined 3062 on route 10.

Mercedes / ABB O405 GTZ trolleybus number 19 at Bucheggplatz Trolleybus fleet: Of the Mercedes/ABB O405 GTZ trolleybuses 2-36, number 19 has been sighted in traffic regularly in recent days. Possibly this is the only member of its batch to still see revenue service. 36 has reportedly joined the driver training fleet. Contrary to earlier reports on this newslog, the status of the driver trainers is as follows: 4122 (ex 1) withdrawn 16.03.07 and scrapped 16.06.07, 4123 (ex 2) scrapped 05.07.07, 4124 (ex 3), 4126 (ex 4), 4128 (ex 33), 4129 (ex 32, renumbered in January 2008), 36.


This news item is from the 2008 newslog.

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