Wilmot's Very Strange Stone
or what came of building snobbits

by Kay Woollard

Little Wilmot Puddifoot was fond of collecting stones, but one day when gathering snow to build a snobbit (snow hobbit) he found and took home a stone which possessed sinister and terrible powers ...

Wilmot's Very Strange Stone is published as a booklet. It is illustrated by the author, and accompanied by a CD recording of the author reading her work (2 CDs, playing time about 140 minutes)

WTP Wilmot's Very Strange Stone is published by the Walking Tree Publishers in their Tales of Yore series.

87 pages, amply illustrated, accompanied by 2 audio CDs, c140 minutes, Walking Tree Publishers 2002, Tales of Yore Series No. 2, ISBN 3-9521424-4-1.

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