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Tales of Yore is a collection of tales and stories inspired by Tolkien's sub-creation.

The series has the following books:

Wilmot's Strange Stone.

The Terror of Tatty Walk.

Wilmot's Very Strange Stone.

Little Wilmot Puddifoot was fond of collecting stones, but one day when gathering snow to build a snobbit (snow hobbit) he found and took home a stone which possessed sinister and terrible powers ...

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The Terror of Tatty Walk.

Ossie Pie, the baker's apprentice, was a merry young hobbit who lived with his fierce little mother in Lavender Lane, Stock. His journeys to and from work and his evening visits to the Inn led him along Tatty Walk, a narrow lane, past a row of cottages. This was a pleasant place on sunny days but could be quite creepy after dark.

In the Spring of 1248, Shire Reckoning, there were suddenly rumours of something terrible seen in and around the village. Ossie tried to laugh at the whole business, but soon his journeys took on the quality of nightmares........

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