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Commercial links

Links to non-commercial book and publication sites

Links to Tolkien related sites of linguistic or literary interest

Links to Tolkien societies and organisations

Links to Tolkien events

Tolkien in the cinema

Important lists of Tolkien links

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About these links

This list is intentionally kept restrictive. There are many good collections of Tolkien links on the net, and there is little point in us duplicating them here. Websites on this page are websites of people or organsiations:
  • with whom we are affiliated or with whom we cooperate in some way
  • or who have linked to our website
  • or which we choose to recommend for another reason.
In any case, only those websites are listed which we consider to be of sufficient quality and interest that we can recommend our visitors to go there also.

How do I get my site listed on this page?

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Commercial links:

For good Tolkienia retailers, we recommend those on the "Where can I buy these products?" page.

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Links to non-commercial book and publication sites: is striving to list all books published by or about J.R.R. Tolkien. There are now more than 300 books, audio books, radio plays, calendars, diaries, postcard books and poster books in the database. The site offers the discussion of books in individual message boards for each book and allows visitors to comment on the editions.

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Links to Tolkien related sites of linguistic or literary interest:

Ardalambion. The most comprehensive site about Tolkien's invented languages that you are likely to find on the net. Includes biblical translations!

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Links to Tolkien societies and organisations:

Visit the Swiss Tolkien Society (Eredain), of which we of the Walking Tree Publishers are all members, and to whom we are closely connected.

Società Tolkieniana Svizzera.

Arda Online at Parish's Garden.

Sociedade de Tolkien Brasileira (Brazilian Tolkien Society).

Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft (in German).

Heren Istarion, The New York Tolkien Society.

The Tolkien Society (UK)

The Philippine Tolkien Society

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Links to Tolkien events:

Oxonmoot (or, "Let's meet in Oxford in September") is probably the biggest and most significant annual Tolkien event.

Mittelerdefest, a 4 day Tolkien event in two mediaevil castles in Leuk Switzerland 8-11 August 2002.

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Tolkien in the cinema:

The Hobbit Movie. Now that The Lord of the Rings is such a success in the cinema, how about filming The Hobbit? This website will tell you more about this interesting prospect. You can also sign a petition to make it happen!

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Important lists of Tolkien links:

The One Ring is currently the most authoritative and complete collection of Tolkien links. The collection grows continually, and is tidily maintained, with dead links being removed on a regular basis. Links are ordered by useful categories.

The Cave of Lost Scrolls, A Tolkien Website Directory.

LoTROnline, has an extensive link collection.

Eric Lippert in Canada maintains an extensive, structured and very useful list of Tolkien links. This is a good starting place for exploring the numerous Tolkien sites on the web, and a good place to come back to, but, unfortunately, appears not to have been maintained for some time.

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Tolkien webrings:

The Inklings Webring connects websites dealing with the Inklings, especially J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams.

The Lord of the Rings Webring.

The Tolkien Webring.

Die Gefährten, a German language Tolkien webring.

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Tolkien mailing lists and online discussion forums:

Elfish Linguistics Mailing List (elfling).

Sensible JRRT Fantasy List.

Tolkien and the Inklings (formerly: The White Council). Michael Martinez's discussion forum.

LoTROnline, has active discussion forums.

The Tolkien Language List.

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Other Tolkien links:

Rolozo Tolkien.

The Hobbit Hole.

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Links to other sites connected with our authors or content:, website of Frank Weinreich.

The Charles Williams Society.

Middle-earth: the Wizards Special Interest Group of the Swiss Tolkien Society.

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Comments, suggestions etc.

If you find that any of these links are incorrect, or have any comments or suggestions concerning this page or site, please contact the maintainer.

How do I get my site listed on this page?

To get your site listed, please write to us. A return link would be greatly appreciated. Please link to:

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