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Trolleybus news update

filed on: 10.09.2007 (10th Sep 2007)

Winterthur trolleybus by nightJürgen Lehmann's trolleybus website, Obus 269 features a regular newsletter with news from across Europe and makes very recommendable reading. However, to provide a brief summary on Swiss items, and for those who don't read German, I am summarising some of the highlights from the latest edition (Nr 67, July 2007) here:

Bern: Building work outside the main station is leading to numerous diversions and bustitutions leading to reduced trolleybus operations. Furthermore, trolleybus routes13 and 14 are no longer worked as such since 28.01.2007 and 09.07.2006 respectively (these will ultimately be replaced by Tram Bern West). The lines remained usable until late June when building works in Bümpliz lead to the dismantlement of a first section of overhead. Removal of further sections is in progress.

powered by Vossloh Kiepe Schaffhausen: Since 01.07.2007 operations are curtailed to Waldfriedhof — Neuhausen Zentrum on account of works. The situation will last until September 2008.

Lausanne: The acquisition of 35 new trolleybuses is planned for delivery by 2009. A joint acquistion with other Swiss operators is intended. These will replace second hand Genève vehicles and trailer sets with the oldest four-wheelers (built 1982). A further 65 should replace the entire current fleet by 2014. The acquisition may include four-wheelers to permit the retention of recently acquired trailers.

Zurich GTZ trolleybus 27Zürich: Further details to this website's earlier report on GTZ withdrawals: Number 1 became driver trainer 4122 on 01.03.2007 and was already out of service few days later with gear damage. It had only accumulated about 700,000 km. It was replaced on 22.03.2007 by number 2 as 4123 but this suffered the same fate. Currently the driver trainers are 3 und 4 as 4124 (since 04.04.07) and 4126 (since 07.05.07). These vehicles had accumulated 1,065,467 km and 1,127,660 km respectively prior to the transfer. Failures led to the withdrawals of 13 and 22 (with similar mileages) in April 2007. 5 was broken up for parts in May. In the same month, 30 became the first unit to be withdrawn and strored in operational condition. 6, 8, 15 and 29 have since followed course and 34 and 35 were broken up for parts. See also this website's Zürich GTZ fleetlist.

source: Obus 269

See also this website's trolleybus pages.

Updates: Neuchâtel announced in July that it is joining forces with Lausanne (see above) and adding 20 trolleybuses to replace its oldest vehicles.

Sankt Gallen is planning to borrow a Lightram3 for demonstration purposes. The town already has a double articulated trolleybus, but this is a rebuild of a high-floor bus with a low-floor rear section added. It had been planned to rebuild more, but replacement is now the preferred option.

This news item is from the 2007 newslog.

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