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Matrix on mirage

filed on: 04.03.2008 (4th Mar 2008)

Seen yesterday as Einsatztram, Mirage 1675 fitted with matrix displays fitted to side windows. The end displays were still of the conventional type.

The Einsatztram is a spare tram that normally waits with a driver in the Gessnerallee loop near Hauptbahnhof. It can be called upon at very short notice to fill any gap on any route when delays or irregularities occur. The need to change route numbers and destinations quickly mean automatic displays make sense for this tram. Until the mid 1990s, the articulated prototypes 1801 and 1802 were used on these duties. These and the corresponmding trailers 786 and 801 were specially fitted with Tram 2000-style large route number boxes and automatic destination films. The replacement of these sets by single mirages was a step backwards in terms of customer information as the side-mounted roof boards read simply "Einsatzwagen" and only the front display could reasonably be operated by the driver. The latest modification remedies this deficit (with the exception of the rear display). It is however surprising that a members of a type that is essentially on its way out is being treated this way.

This news item is from the 2008 newslog.

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