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Old photos on Drehscheibe Online

filed on: 07.09.2016 (7th Sep 2016)

Mirage tram in hardturmstrasse and old forchbahn
An interesting find on
Drehscheibe Online is this page with stunning black and white pictures from the Zürich region in the 1967 by Urs Nötzli. Of interest to tram enthusiasts is this view of a Forchbahn Be4/4 9 (still extant today as a works car) on a crossover in the woodland section above Rehalp (apart from the train, the situation has changed little). This is immediatelky followed by a view of new Mirage tram 1635 (still extant today in Vinnitsa) being delivered. The location is the city end of Hardturmstrasse with the still extant residential buildings of Escher Wyss Platz depot visible in the background. What was then a tree-lined avenue is now a busy road with an off ramp of the Hardbrücke flyover running down the middle. The transporter wagon would run the full length of Hardturmstrasse to be unloaded at Sportplatz Hardtrum. The remains of the exchange track are still visible there today. Note also the folded "wings" on the wagon by which the tram will gently roll down onto VBZ tracks.

The section also includes wonderfully atmopsheric shots of Stadelhofen, Selnau and Enge stations. Enjoy.


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