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HESS trolleybus update

filed on: 13.09.2016 (13th Sep 2016)

The following is taken from trolleymotion (comments are my own).

The recently announced joint order by Bern and Biel is worth 28 million CHF for the Bern part (16 single and 7 double-articulated trolleybuses) and 10 million for the Biel part (10 single-articulated trolleybuses). This would put the value of a single-articulated unit at 1 million and the double at 1.7 million.

The TOSA order for Geneva is worth 13.9 million for HESS and 10.1 million for ABB. The first bus will be delivered in late 2017, with the entire route going over to TOSA operation in Spring 2018. No modifications to the timetable time are planned, meaning the fast charging wil be hard pressed to prove it's worth.

With 2 buses being supplied this comes out at 2 million per bus, but this sum includes the charging infrastructure.

Also being delivered are new trolleybuses for Luzern. Four buses have already been delivered and these will soon be followed by five double-articulated and four single-articulated units. These will be followed by 10 trolleybuses for Arnhem and then another eight double-artics for Luzern.

The article also mentions the exhibition of the TOSA prototype in Paris late last year and of Zürich 160 at the VÖV congress in Fribourg in May. Luzern double-artic 236 was demonstrated in Lyon in May.

This news item is from the 2016 newslog.

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