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Zürich: A city and its trams

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ETH building with snow and tram The following article was written for the magazine Tramways and Urban Transit and published in the April and May 2005 editions of that journal [*]. The text presented here is as originally submitted and differs from the published text through editing. The article reflects the status of the system and the author's opinions at the time of writing. Subsequent events may render the facts and opinions on these pages dated. To keep track of developments and changes, readers are referred to the author's Zürich tram news pages. All opinions and errors made here are the author's.

Andrew Moglestue
Zürich, March 2004 - December 2005.

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Chapter 1: Introduction, origins and growth
The interurban system
Towards modernisation
The Swiss Standard Tram

Chapter 2: Threats and survival
The end of the classic tram?
Rolling stock for the transition
Towards the Tiefbahn
U-Bahn for Zürich
Rejection and beyond

Chapter 3: Towards a model transport system
Tram 2000
Remaining loyal to trams
Going underground (after all)
Integrated transport

Chapter 4: A bright future for trams
Beyond the municipal boundaries
Stadtbahn Glattal
Planning for growth
A bright future for trams

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Zürich tram main page | articles list


[*] The first part, published in the April edition (No 808, pages 130-4), was called Zürich: Top city — thanks to light rail, and recounted this story as far as the Tiefbahn rejection. The second part, published in the May edition (No 809, pages 180-4), was called Zürich: The Cobra rules, all above ground, and continued from the U-Bahn to the end of this article. This online edition was published on 14th December 2005.

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