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Glattalbahn: Phase three progress

filed on: 19.05.2009 (19th May 2009)

Glattal map A recent visit to Glattalbahn's phase three revealed rapid progress. Work is already in in hand at Bahnhof Stettbach, which is being totally rebuilt to accomodate the new tram line. The new layout will see the present unpopular structure replaced by a more open arrangement with both tram lines sharing a common turning circle. Between here and the new line towards Dübendorf a building that will have to be demolished is still standing, but immediately behind this the new tracks are already in-situ and the fresh grass is already sprouting. This continues as far as the Sonnental junction where the tram will turn left. From here to Giessen the final layout is less obvious as services etc are still being moved leading to myriad diversions and temporary solutions for general traffic.

Glattalbahn at Giessen under construction At Giessen the tram will leave the roadside alignment and cross the river Glatt on a new bridge and then cut across what was until recently a green field. The bridge and its approaches are taking shape, with concrete now being cast. Giessen is also the junction with the future Ringbahn Hardwald (despite which, overhead masts are being positioned on the Ringbahn's future alignment). Glattalbahn's phase three turns left here but Ringbahn Hardwald will turn right. Phase three continues at street level along a minor street serving various garages and workshops. A short length of track is already in place on a road crossing. The tram will continue from here under the railway viaducts at Neugut before rising onto a viaduct of its own which is now rapidly taking shape.

Glattalbahn at Glatt Zentrum under construction In a series of elegant curves this viaduct will take the tram over the motorway and then past the Glatt Zentrum shopping mall, where a stop will be located on the viaduct and on level with the top parking deck of the shopping centre. I assume a pedestrian bridge will ultimately link the two. The viaduct takes another elegant curve crossing the railway lines at Wallisellen and descends to ground level at the station, where a major redevelopment project called Mittim is going on. From here the tram will continue on land vacated by dismantling an undertilised goods siding paralleling the Wallisellen to Oerlikon railway line as far as Balair. Along the full length of this section, ground has already been cleared and the foundations of overhead masts cast, ready for rails to be laid. From here the tram will follow roadside alignments, with a stop at Herti serving the adjoining industrial area and the housing on the other side of the road. Again the trackbed is ready and short lengths of track are in-situ in places, especially at road crossings.

Auzelg, joining the tracks At the motorway, an underpass has been cut and the track in this has already been laid and is making rapid progress towards Auzelg, leaving only a few short gaps to be filled. On the final approach to Auzelg the line occupies land formerly used for allotments. When the terminus at Auzelg was built in 2006, a short stub track was included for the connection of this line, and the new line is stretching towards this.

The third phase of Glattalbahn is scheduled for opening in late 2010. It will be served by VBG's tram route 12 which will link Bahnhof Stettbach to the airport.

This news item is from the 2009 newslog.

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