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Zoo cable car

filed on: 27.05.2009 (27th May 2009)

Zürich Zoo's plans for a cable car link to Stettbach are taking a step forwards with the required structures now being highlighted by positioning poles to mark their outlines (as is usual in Swiss planning processes). The cable car link will cost 17 million Franks which the zoo hopes to raise through sponsors. The planned opening is in 2015. The cable cars, each carrying eight people, will whisk visitors to the zoo in seven minutes. Besides becoming an attraction in its own right, the promotors expect the line to reduce traffic congestion in the zoo area. They point out that using Stettbach as a starting point enables excellent integration with S-Bahn, trams, Glattalbahn and local buses. There is opposition to the project from the town of Dübendorf (on whose territory Stettbach partly lies) as it is feared it would bring more cars into the area and place pressure on parking facilities. The zoo believes that no more than 60 parking lots will be required here on the busiest of days. Dübendorf also objects to the destruction of a natural area the line would cause, and its proximity to buildings.


Website comment: Even 60 parking cars can make a considerable difference to availability of parking lots and congestion, and there is no guarantee that the figure will not be greater. The zoo's commital to encouraging its users to use public transport can be questioned, for example on account of its opposition to the proposed tram extension. Any attempts by the zoo to sell this as a convincing improvement to public transport and an incentive to make people leave their cars at home should thus be taken with a pinch of salt, if not as greenwashing. It seems more likely that this is an attempt by the zoo to move the car parking problem away from its own doorstep. However, if it can be made to work financially, the link has the potential to become a local landmark, and by linking in with public transport at Stettbach, it does reduce journey times for zoo visitors locally, and also for those coming from such places as Winterthur, even if the overall advantages for public transport users are not as great as claimed.

This news item is from the 2009 newslog.

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