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New tram route announced: route 17

filed on: 26.01.2011 (26th Jan 2011)

So far, it was intended that when Tram Zürich West opens at the end of this year, that it would be served by a route 4 diverted from its present Werdhözli terminus. The service to Werdhözli would then be assured by extending route 10 from Hauptbahnhof. Concerns that the length of such an extended route 10 might might impact punctuality, and also unresolved issues over differing headways on the two routes have led VBZ to reconsider this option. Instead, they now wish to introduce a new route 17 linking Werdhözli to Hauptbahnhof. It is intended to use a rust-brown colour for the route indicators of this route. Route 17 is liklely to be short-lived, however, as the Hardbrücke tram is scheduled to open in 2016, with the Werdhözli line then being taken over by route 8.

In the longer term, VBZ's Vision 2025 proposes a totally unconnected route 17 from Seebach to Letzigrund via the proposed Rosengarten route.

From the December 2011 timetable change, route 4 will thus be:
Tiefenbrunnen — Bellevue — Central — HB/Bahnhofquai — Escher-Wyss-Platz — Schiffbau — Bhf. Altstetten Nord.
Route 17 will be:
HB — Escher-Wyss-Platz — Sportplatz Hardturm — Werdhölzli.

source: NZZ

This news item is from the 2011 newslog.

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