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175 railway links threatened

filed on: 07.11.2012 (7th Nov 2012)

ASM Niederbipp As if one piece of bad news wasn't enough, news has already been going around for some time of 175 railway links that are under threat. Pre-empting panic, there are no immediate plans to shut these down, but due to insufficient cost recovery, they are to be re-assessed on a periodic basis (no doubt making a lot of cash for consultants) and serious questions will doubtlessly be raised when major replacements or investments are due. This could lead to the end of many of these lines within the next 20 years or so. The list includes quite a few lines that have an iconic status among railway enthusiasts, and also quite a few quaint and wonderful narrow gauge lines, some of which have been covered on this newslog in the past.

BDWM Reppischhof The full ist is here (link to document on VCS website).

VCS is launching a petition here. This can be signed by anyone, regardless of nationality of place of residence. Please help stop the madness and don't let Switzerland follow down the road of other countries who have tried this in the past, sacrificing valuable infrastructure without reaping the implied benefits.

Please pass this news on to as many people who care as possible. (link to this item)

This news item is from the 2012 newslog.

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