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Madagascar: Swiss stock update

filed on: 18.06.2012 (18th Jun 2012)

In the past, these pages have reported on the progress (or more often lack thereof) in the shipping of various items of Swiss rolling stock (much of it ex-Forchbahn) to Madagascar to create a suburban service in Antananarivo.

The website, brings this development up to date (as part of a longer report on railway developments on the island). The report (original here) is based on a visit in January/February of this year and reveals there is still no progress with the project, but that the two ex-FO baggage cars have been passed on to Madarail. The page says:

Train Urbain de Tananarive (TUT):

In 2004/05 a number of Swiss private railway companies donated passenger equipment to Antananarivo municipality as part of a project to reopen the Alarobia line as a commuter railway. The electric motor coaches were to have diesel engines installed in the baggage compartments. However, nothing came of this and most of the stock is stored at Tana station (the two ex-FO baggage/postal vans were sold to MADARAIL):

- Trognerbahn motor car BDe 4/4 6 (SWP/MFO 1952) shipped in 2005;
- Forchbahn motor car BDe 4/4 11 14 (SWS/MFO 1959) shipped in 2005;
- Forchbahn motor car BDe 4/4 15 16 (SWS/MFO 1966) shipped in 2004;
- Forchbahn driving trailer Bt 101 (SWS/MFO 1959) shipped in 2004;
- Forchbahn driving trailers Bt 102 106 (SWS/SWP/MFO 1967, new bodies 1975/76) shipped 2004/05.

(the original website is well worth reading, also offering insight into the development and ongoing revival of other parts of Madagascar's railway system.)


This news item is from the 2012 newslog.

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