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Future trolleybus fleet

filed on: 25.10.2012 (25th Oct 2012)

This newslog has been awash with trolleybus news lately. Earlier on, doubt was raised over how 43 GTZ trolleybuses were to be replaced by 12 LightTrams and 21 Swisstrolleys. A knowledageable entry on the forum provides some additional insight:

The transition to larger trolleybuses on route 32 will permit peak headways to be stretched from 5 to 6 minutes. This reduces the number of vehicles on the line from 18 to 14. Vehicles will then be required as follows: route 31: 14 vehicles, route 32: 14 vehicles, route 33: 19 vehicles, route 34: 4 vehicles, route 46: 9 vehicles, route 72: 9 vehicles. Double articulated vehicles will be used on routes 31 and 32.

With a total of 68 trolleybuses available to cover a demand of 69, there will be no spare trolleybuses and the difference will be covered by an increased use of diesel buses, including on the lines that should be worked by double-articulated trolleybuses. Diesel buses are already a common sight on trolleybus routes today, so this will probably become even more common.

This news item is from the 2012 newslog.

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