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Pushing for trolleybus expansion

filed on: 21.03.2012 (21st Mar 2012)

new trolleybus for Zurich Zürich's city council has asked the cantonal government to include the extension of the trolleybus system in its development program and apply for funds. The electrification work on bus routes 69 and 80 would cost 44 million Francs, with a further 14 million earmarked for the actual trolleybuses. The routes could be operational by 2017. These two routes have been selected on account of their high ridership and development potential. Further advantages are the gradients involved and presenting natural extensions to the existing network. This announcement is by no means yet a sign that the work will go ahead as there are still several hurdles needing to be cleared.

I am not sure what exactly the 44 + 14 million Francs would cover as 14 million Francs seems rather conservative , with that sum buying maybe 10 Swisstrolleys, which would be insufficient to work two routes (one of which is very long).

source: Tages Anzeiger

For further trolleybus background, see this website's trolleybus page.

This news item is from the 2012 newslog.

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