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11.07.08Gyrobus page added.
10.10.07Walking Tree Publishers now have their own domain at www.walking-tree.org. I am still the webmaster, however, and have implemented a facelift of the design, which had hardly changed since 1999.
19.09.07Created a simple search function for the photo gallery.
24.07.07Having finally run out of space on the current 50MB disk allocation, I have sought a new hosting solution. The first section to be migrated is the photo gallery. This is now on http://photo.proaktiva.eu.
01.06.07Added Tram: Articles: Letters: Letter to Umverkehr protesting against that organisation's opposition to Tram Zürich West (in German).
05.04.07Added Tram: Articles: Halberstadt.
03.04.07Started work on Tram: Freiburg: fleetlist.
13.12.06The Aglared articles section has a new article: An unexpected encounter.
03.10.06The tram section now has a site map.
06.03.06Added photo gallery start page,
20.12.05Added Trolleybus: photo gallery.
14.12.05Added Tram: Zürich: tram article.
13.12.05Added Tram: Zürich: Tunnel comparison.
27.06.05Apologies for the lack of updates on this page. This website is far from dead: There have been changes, even if not on the scale as before. Most notable, the Zürich tram section has, since November 2003, had a news section with updates on a regular basis. This news archive is now searchable. The newslog has grown to be the most visited sections of the entire website. Also added are a fleetlist (in progress) and an events agenda. Other sections of this website have also seen some minor changes. As the disk quota is practically full, some older sections may be redesigned or removed to make space for more up to date topics. A major redesign of the Walking Tree Publishers section is planned.
27.05.03Added Tram: Photos: Zürich: Cargotram 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
26.05.03Added Tram: Photos: Porto: gallery
29.01.03Added Tram: Photos: Porto
19.11.02Added Tram: Photos: Zürich: works trams 1905, 1952 i and ii, in Oerlikon depot.
102 in Gessnerallee and with 176 in Oerlikon.
Winter scenes Zürichberg i and ii.
12.11.02Added Tram: Photos: Zürich: 2113 at Oerlikon.
31.10.02Added Tram: Photos: Freiburg: works car in Urachstr depot.
10.10.02Added Tram: Photos: Freiburg: 45, 224, 227, 241, 254, 255
Added Tram: Photos: Zürich: 2086
Added Rail: Photos: RENFE: Port Bou 1 and 2.
26.07.02Modified layout for: Aglared articles
(sorry, haven't had time to make any major modifications or additions lately. Thanks for your patience).
07.05.02Added: railways: ABB pictures (6).
21.04.02Added: railways: Stadler pictures (4).
08.04.02Redesigned: railways: main page
06.04.02Added Rail: Photos: DB: 143 in snow, Freiburg station.
Added Tram: Photos: Montevideo: disused tracks.
05.04.02Added Tram: Photos: Zürich: P16 in snow, Mirage, works, Kalkbreite, Gessneralle
04.04.02Added Tram: Photos: Zürich: standard, P16 in Winter and in Autumn, Mirage, Tram 2000 in depot, APS
Added Rail: Photos: Spain: RENFE: dmu, class 354, Talgo III train and generator van, class 269 a and b, Euromed.
03.04.02Added Tram: Photos: Freiburg: 100, 101 a and b, 116, depot scenes i and ii
21.03.02Added Rail: Photos: Spain: RENFE.
14.03.02Updated and redesigned home page.
05.03.02Added Rail: Photos: Germany: DB.
01.03.02Added Tolkien: Aglared contributions: The Death of Sméagol and Gollum
15.01.02Added Tram: Pictures: Zürich: Milchbuck with snow
21.11.01Added Tram: Pictures: Magdeburg (8 pictures)
26.10.01Added Tram: Zürich 18 additional pictures and new Zürich photo index. Also added pictures for Barcelona and Freiburg.
03.10.01Started on a general re-design of website. Tram section on www.proaktiva.ch moved to http://www.proaktiva.ch/tram and rail to http://www.proaktiva.ch/rail.
Added tram: pictures: Lyon photos
23.07.01Added Polybahn: visitor information
13.07.01Added photo gallery, with pictures of my recent Rostock trip. These pages are hosted on a new site (moglestue.tripod.com) as space is practically exhausted on datacomm and proaktiva.
Added Walking Tree Publishers: Wilmot's Strange Stone. (book to be published this autumn)
28.05.01I have not had much time to develop this site lately. Please patient a little longer...
Interestingly www.datacomm.ch is still not shut down despite numerous warnings.
added link to Walking Tree Publishers (Gnomon shop, organisers of the game meet the WTP will be attending end of the week).
01.03.01added Walking Tree Publishers: Cormarë Series Nr. 3 and bookshop.
Also changed all modified pages to HTML 4.01.
Due to lack of space on home.datacomm.ch/shadowfax, Tintin section deleted, but still available on www.proaktiva.ch/shadowfax/tintin.
Notice received that www.datacomm.ch shutting down finally at end of month.
15.02.01added Walking Tree Publishers: order form.
02.02.01added Tram: pictures: Prague: (new section) index, 1, 2, 3, 4.
17.01.01added Tram: Freiburg: Freiburger Straßenbahn.
11.01.01added Tram: pictures: Madrid index and pictures 4, 5 and 6.
07.11.00added Polybahn: index page.
02.11.00added Tram: pictures: Alessandria pictures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and Zürich Tram and Polybahn.
started railways with Polybahn photo gallery.
25.10.00modified Walking Tree Publishers: direct sales (added currency converters).
18.10.00added Tram: pictures: Carlton Colville Blackpool 159, Amsterdam 474.
21.09.00started Polybahn: links page.
06.08.00modified Walking Tree Publishers: links: added Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft.
31.07.00added Walking Tree Publishers: Tales of Yore.
03.07.00added Tram: pictures: Freiburg 2, 56i, 56ii, 109, 206, 250, 256, depot scene, Zürich 2 (lsb).
28.06.00started Classic Mac: welcome.
21.06.00added Walking Tree Publishers: press: Understanding Tolkien.
19.06.00added search function
updated counter statistics.
16.06.00added Tram: pictures: Freiburg 249, 253, 254, 273, and Uruguay (new section), Montevideo 382 1,2 and Paysandú horse tram and electric tram.
08.06.00modified Walking Tree Publishers: Added search function from PicoSearch.
08.05.00modified Walking Tree Publishers: links: added Rolozo Tolkien.
modified Walking Tree Publishers: links: added Arda Online at Parish's Garden.
modified Trams: links: added repertoire ferroviaire,
creation of mirror website on www.proaktiva.ch in progress.
12.04.00added Tintin: Klow Restuarant in English and in French.
06.04.00updated Tintin, added Tintin webring.
Migration from server www.datacomm.ch to home.datacomm.ch in progress.
21.03.00added Tram: pictures: copyright notice
modified Tolkien: Shadowfax Pastures
16.02.00added Tram: pictures: Stuttgart: Wilhemsplatz 1 and 2, Freiburg: Stadtbahn Weingarten construction 1, 2, 3 and 4 and generally redesigned tram photo gallery. Added Freiburg photo gallery
07.02.00added Walking Tree Publishers: The Terror of Tatty Walk.
01.02.00updated Walking Tree Publishers: welcome page and links: added Lord of the Rings webring and The Tolkien Ring (gandalfring).
18.01.00added Tolkien: Aglared contributions.
11.01.00added counter statistics
added counter to tram guestbook.
10.01.00added Walking Tree Publishers: WTP internal information with WTP counter statistics.
13.12.99updated Walking Tree Publishers: welcome page and links (added Inklings Webring).
updated Walking Tree Publishers: added counter to all pages in section.
23.11.99created Rebmaster's Ramblings with all my ideas for the future of this site.
17.11.99created Trams: home page.
created Trams: Zürich: links.
counters added to some pages
created under construction page so hopefully no more links to Nirvana!.
14.11.99created links page.
added photographs to Trams: Freiburg: home page.
10.11.99added Trams: guestbook using www.parsimony.net.
8.11.99created Trams: Freiburg: home page and links.
created Trams: links.
3.11.99created Laketown Publishers: home page. (alternative start for Walking Tree Publishers)
20.10.99updated Walking Tree Publishers: links to selected Tolkien related websites. (added The Tolkien Society, The Tolkien Park and made minor changes to layout)
updated Tolkien: Enter the Shadowfax Pastures. (added link to The Tolkien Park)
29.9.99updated Walking Tree Publishers: where can I buy these products?. (added Daeron's books)
27.9.99updated Walking Tree Publishers: sales: direct distribution prices. (Cormare1 sold out)
23.9.99created this what's new? page.
home: index page.
Tintin: Welcome to Marlinspike, my Tintin page in English.
Bienvenue à Moulinsart, le même en Français/ same in French.
Tolkien: Enter the Shadowfax Pastures, a page on Tolkien.
Walking Tree Publishers: publishing secondary literature on Tolkien. A multi-page site: welcome, who are the Walking Tree Publishers?, our publications, publications planned, where can I buy these products?, how do I contact the Walking Tree Publishers?, links to selected Tolkien related websites. Publications section: News from the Shire and Beyond - Studies on Tolkien Cormarë Series No. 1, Root and Branch - Approaches towards Understanding Tolkien Cormarë Series No. 2. Direct sales section: direct distribution prices, contacting us for ordering.
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